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The tradition of Mount Adarra

Mount Adarra (817 metres), one of the most popular and emblematic mountains inn Gipuzkao, is located in this village. From there, one can enjoy beautiful views over the Donostialdea region. The surroundings hide interesting megalithic monuments, like the Eteneta I cromlech. And, to get oneĺs strength back, the best is to visit the cider house in Urnieta.

Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel

Located in the San Sebastian region, Urnieta is a village with almost 5,848 inhabitants, a rough relief and am landscape full of hills. The highest point is Mount Adarra. As tradition says, many Gipuzkoan people climb this mountain on New Yearĺs Day.
This calm village has 2,264 hectares of land and borders on Lasarte-Oria, Hernani, Elduain, and Andoain. Its mountains preserve some megalithic monuments that are worth a visit. Cromlechs like Leiako, Eteneta, and Mulisco, and dolmens like Abailarri and Pozontarri are imprints of the former inhabitants of Urnieta that have reached our days.
The Marizulo Cave, dating back to 3,000 b.C., is the first known evidence of this village. In 1962 and 1963, the researches Manuel Laborde and Jose Miguel de Barandiaran found Neolithic human remains inside this cave.
At the beginning, what we now know as Urnieta was part of San Sebastian due to a series of prerogatives granted to the capital by Sancho ĹEl Sabioĺ, King of Navarre, between 1150 and 1160.
The town of Urnieta was founded in 1614. Two centuries later, during the first Carlist War (1833-1840), the place was completely destroyed by Queen Isabel IIĺs troops, with the burning of 46 buildings and 128 farmhouses.
At present, nevertheless, the town preserves traditional constructions of rural architecture, like the Aierdi Farmhouse, a single-family building dating from the 16th century, which was included among the Basque Objects of Cultural Interest.
It is also advisable to visit the 17th century Town Hall, the Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel, restored in the 16th century, and the Hermitage of Santa Leocadia, the meeting place for the authorities in 1597. Outside the urban area, there are also interesting buildings like Zaldundegi, Posta and Babilonia, houses showing the importance of the Royal Road, which passes through Urnieta.



- Mount Adara (817 metres):
This is a compulsory visit for hiking lovers. From the summit, one can enjoy beautiful views and, at its foot, one should stop and see the Eteneta I cromlech.
- Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel: The building preserves a simple Gothic fašade with an 18th century carving of St Michael.
- Eteneta I Cromlechs: This Iron Age trace is located in the surroundings of Mount Adarra.

Official name:
Number of inhabitants:
Main events:
- 29th September: St. Michael (local patron festivities) - New Year: tradition of climbing to Mount Adarra summit.
Town Hall of Urnieta: San Juan 5, 20.130 Urnieta.
Information number: 943 00 80 00. Web Site:


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